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Happy New Year!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 4, 2010 by bd79

Well my New Years resolution was to write a post a month and I’ve already managed to fail …

Anyway, I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Year. A lot of the volunteers went home or left Dhaka for a few days so it was pretty quite over here.

I organised a little Christmas party in the office for my colleagues. Another volunteer is working with my organization now and she helped with the decorations, which included a little Christmas tree left behind by some previous volunteers. I bought some crisps, soft drinks and a couple of cakes from the bakers with ‘Merry Christmas’ written on them, although we had a little communication problem at first and I nearly ended up with two cakes that said ‘Messy Christmas’.

Unfortunately my stomach is now very acclimatised to the Bangladeshi cuisine and it did not react well to so much sweet stuff. I don’t think I have been so ill since I arrived and it meant I had to take it a bit easier than I had planned starting with an alcohol free night at the VSO Christmas party, which I also had to organise (I’m not sure why I ended up organising two parties when I don’t even like them but there you go).

I was still feeling pretty rough on Christmas day but decided I wasn’t going to let it stop me so took a few Imodium, went for a meal at a Japenese restraruant with a couple of other volunteers and then a few beers at one of the ex-pat clubs.

New Years Eve wasn’t a bad night. A few of us went to a roof top party that had been organised by a local promoter. Nice place to have a party and we got to see the partial eclipse of the moon. Just after I arrived back in June the Government of Bangladesh decided on a whim to put the clocks an hour forward like BST then decided in October that, unlike BST, they were not going to put them back. Ever. New Years Eve they had a change of heart and decided that at 12am 1/01/10 the clocks would go back one hour to 11pm on 31/12/09 so in Bangladesh we actually had two new years. Pretty crazy but I think the Government is about to top it with it their new inovative policy to deal with the traffic congestion in Dhaka.

In January we had the annual VSO volunteer’s conference in Cox’s Bazar, a sort of Bangladeshi Blackpool that has the longest natural beach in the world. It doesn’t have any fair ground rides or trams but it does have donkeys on the beach (seriously). The theme of the conference was on Monitoring and Evaluation. It was quite nice to spend a bit of time with all the volunteers and it did give me a chance to reflect on my placement and the work I’ve been doing so far which was quite useful.

Tomorrow I’m off on holiday for a month. Spending a couple of nights in Kuala Lumpur and then I’ll be in Cambodia for the next month.