Induction over

The induction is finally over. It has felt like quite a long process and you spend a lot of time sitting around waiting for sessions that tend to get delayed or cancelled at the last minute. I really enjoyed the sessions on the history and culture of Bangladesh, and the Bangla classes were excellent. I’ve had fourteen two hour classes and can now just about haggle at the market, etc. Still want to pick a bit more up and might start evening classes once I’m settled into my placement.

Part of my induction included a week living with a Bangladeshi family. The entire week was a bit awakward with the weekend being a particular nightmare and included me getting a thirty minute one on one sermon (following a 2 hour Baptist service) about the moral decay of the West (apparently every western man is like JR from Dallas, “always up to monkey business”) and the impending fall of America and her friends. I knew it was going to be a bit of a nightmare when within ten minutes of meeting my host mother a friend of the family told me that cyclone’s hit the south west of the country because many of the NGO there are not christian and therefore God gets angry. What a crank! Still, I got to practice my Bangla and I learnt how to eat with my hand so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

The rains have finally come (about 2 weeks later than they should have but that’s global warming for you). It’s a bit cooler than it has been which makes it a lot easier to sleep but on the down side the sewers do overflow on to the streets when its been raining for three hours non-stop!

Went to a press conference the other day. Couldn’t understand a word but they gave out a box of take-away fried chicken at the end so you can’t really complain.


One Response to “Induction over”

  1. Loud Pete Says:

    get some wellies on ya and get wading!

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