Right, finally got round to it …

I’ve only got three and half hours before I have to set off for the airport and I’m feeling pretty chilled out about it all at the moment. No doubt the moment the plane lands in Dhaka I’ll realise I’ve forgotten something important.

As you can see there is not much to this blog at the moment (because I left it to the last minute) but I’ll try to add more about Bangladesh and my placement, and post when I can.



3 Responses to “Right, finally got round to it …”

  1. Good luck Bri! You’ll do great.

  2. Web page is looking sweet….

    Keep us posted on how the transformation of the government is going…will send you a link from Tajikistan when I find a mouse quick enough to power a computer… Shane

  3. Scott Young Says:

    Well there you have it. Sadly United’s hitherto glorious season ends in disappointment. Unfortunately I have to say that we deserved it. dominated posession for the 1st ten minutes and then chased the next 80. It always takes the edge off defeat when you’re completely outclassed and we were. Suspect both Ronaldo and Tevez will go now. Oh well, c’est la vie.

    Hope the flight went ok and you are settling in well. Stay in touch mate and wear that 1970s shirt proudly!!

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