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Settling in

Posted in Uncategorized on May 31, 2009 by bd79

After leaving London at 9am on the 27th I landed in Dhaka at 5am on the 28th. The driver from the VSO Bangladesh (VSBO) office met me at the airport and drove me to the induction flat in Lalmatia which is my home for the best part of the next 4 weeks. The flat isn’t bad, although my jaw must have hit the floor when I first walked in because the driver started laughing, shook my hand and said “Welcome to the simple life my friend”. I started my month long induction later that day at the VSO Bangladesh office, meeting the VSOB staff before heading off to the ‘studio’ for my official photographs.

At the moment I’m sharing the flat with one other newly arrived volunteer, Lena from Germany, and another Rosie from the Philippines who has been in Bangladesh since March. Lena and I are the only new arrivals. Rosie has been great and taken sometime to show us around, meaning we haven’t spent the first couple of days cooped up in the flat.

Fortunately for me Friday and Saturday are holidays in Dhaka (although in most parts of Bangladesh they work a six day week and only take Friday as a holiday) which meant I was able to spend my birthday in style. We started with lunch in Pizza Corner, which I expect will be a rare treat on the VSO allowance, before heading off to meet the Director of the NGO Rosie is placed with at his family home. In the evening we went to meet some other VSO volunteers at their flat, and I finished the day off at the induction flat by cracking open a bottle of whisky and sparking up a cigar. Perfect.

As for the Champions League final … I suppose the Premier League, World Club Championship and League Cup will have to do for this season.

Anyway, we’ll clear up next year!


Right, finally got round to it …

Posted in Uncategorized on May 26, 2009 by bd79

I’ve only got three and half hours before I have to set off for the airport and I’m feeling pretty chilled out about it all at the moment. No doubt the moment the plane lands in Dhaka I’ll realise I’ve forgotten something important.

As you can see there is not much to this blog at the moment (because I left it to the last minute) but I’ll try to add more about Bangladesh and my placement, and post when I can.